One Brick Builds Scholarships

  • Why does One Brick Builds offer scholarship spots on the service trips?  Scholarship spots have been established to help volunteers who could not otherwise afford to participate on the services trips.


  • How does One Brick Builds fund the scholarship spots?  About $5 of each volunteer ticket goes towards the scholarship fund.  Other funding is obtained by kind donations from One Brick volunteers to the fund.  Some EMs choose not to have their flight costs etc. covered by One Brick and therefore funds intended for that go to the scholarship fund.  Occasionally a volunteer buys a ticket and can no longer make the trip – they can then choose to donate their ticket funds to the scholarship fund.


  • How do I donate to the scholarship fund?  Donations can be made via Eventbrite on our service trip pages - eg: DONATE HERE


  • How do I apply for a scholarship spot?  See each service trip for specific details.  Typically scholarship applicants are asked to send three short paragraphs describing why they are interested in that particular event, why they are applying for the scholarship, and what prior volunteer experience they have.


  • How does One Brick Builds choose recipients of scholarship spots?  Typically the recipient will already be a One Brick volunteer in their local chapter and have participated at several events.  Volunteering for other organisations is also taken into consideration.  As the scholarship spots are intended for volunteers who could not otherwise afford it the reasons why they are applying for the spot are considered carefully. Long-time One Brick volunteers and/or Event Managers/Coordinators are given priority.


  • Is there a scholarship spot for each service trip?  Yes so long as there are sufficient funds at least one, sometimes 2 or more, scholarship spots are offered each trip.


  • I have another question not answered here. Please drop a line to One Brick Builds Chapter Director:  katelm at onebrick dot org or to One Brick's Executive Director MelG at onebrick dot org