One Brick Builds Event Management

  • How does One Brick Builds select Event Managers for service trips?  Our Event Managers have already volunteered on One Brick Builds service trips, or similar volunteer trips with other organisations.  Typically they will already be an Event Manager in their local chapter, or have relevant managerial experience.


  • How do I become a One Brick Builds trip Event Manager?  If you would like to help run our service trips please drop katelm at onebrick dot org a line!


  • Does One Brick cover Event Manager trip expenses?  Yes - specifically flight/lodging/rental car costs.  Other expenses are borne by the EM.


  • Why does One Brick Builds cover EM costs?  While with traditional volunteer events our EMs take on just a bit more responsibility than our other volunteers, for these volunteer service trips there is a great deal of work and responsibility in advance and during the trip for our Event Managers (including pre-trip calls, coordinating ride sharing, etc); which is why several years ago we began funding the trip for 1 Event Manager.  This helps to ensure that we have reliable Event Management for such trips because without that these trips just are not possible.


  • Does every One Brick Builds Event Manager accept One Brick Builds funding?  No. Some EMs choose to use airmiles/points or their own $s to cover the costs of flights and lodging in order to minimize the cost to One Brick Builds.  This enables us to bring additional scholarship funded volunteers on the trips.


  • What are One Brick Builds Event Manager roles?  EM’s answer RSVP’s and any questions via website.  They help collect travel information and synchronize volunteers for carpooling.  A Pre-trip call is set up to introduce volunteers to each other and discuss logistics.  On site EM’s are expected to rent a car, purchase groceries, water etc. As for every One Brick event the EM (and EC) are expected to mingle with all volunteers and ensure a good time is had by all in a safe environment.  They also coordinate with the local NPO to ensure the volunteer tasks are as expected.


  • Does One Brick Builds have Event Coordinators on the service trips?  Yes – we prefer to have an EM and EC at each event, however the EC expenses are not covered by One Brick Builds.


  • I have another question not answered here. Please drop a line to One Brick Builds Chapter Director:  katelm at onebrick dot org or to One Brick's Executive Director MelG at onebrick dot org